Like the wind!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ca-roll-a!I went to London's trashy G-A-Y club on Saturday night to see Danish euro-poppers Infernal. Before their performance, we discovered that some genius had decided to place a wind machine in the corner of the upstairs bar. Wind machines (also known as Very Big Fans) are a wonder of the modern world. Anyone that knows Eurovision will know of Swedish superstar Carola, who is Queen of the Wind Machine. Here she is in full flow. Go Carola Go!

Wind machines are amazing! Wind machines are amazing to dance in front of! So I photographed these wonderful people dancing in the wind! (machine)

The wind machine!
The Wind Machine

This woman is actually Swedish and is therefore ace!


Man in the wind machine

Wind and bracing action

Wind hairBraced in the wind

I want to own a wind machine!


Chig said...

I could have sworn G-A-Y was a homosexualist establishment. Something about the name and my many visits.... but seemingly not. What was this bevy of beauties doing there? And is the beauty in the - ahem - lifted shirt actually YOU?!

Adrian said...

Christ NO! He was just another random that I accosted!

The wind machine is a sexist instrument - it favours the long-haired ladies for full effect.

Sadly my short, cropped choppy 'do' doesn't 'do' for the wind machine.

I've just had a thought. Carola needs to cover Goldfrapp's Strict Machine FAST. Changing 'strict' to 'wind' obviously.

I have the same problem. I use so much gel not even Katrina could have moved my barnet.

Wasn't Kylie there as well?

Adrian said...

Kylie was there the week after. This was the week before, with Infernal playing.

Caroline said...

"I'm in love with a wind machine!"

At last, someone has written a song I can get down to.

Stuff Minogue. If you were there the week before, you would have seen me.

I rock, by the way.

Jamie said...

Loved Terry's comment from this year about Carola being a woman 'never afraid to stand in the teeth of a gale'.

Great website by the way Adrian.


Anonymous said...

Regarding those wind machien things that you all seem so set on owning ... I think you will find them in Homebase (oddly enough, they call them fans, but it's same thing).