Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vote Aisleyne to win Big Brother 7!

When Aisleyne joined the Big Brother house (wearing a fab big collared fake fur jacket, I might add), she was described as a Model / Promotions Girl. Another one in Big Brother! But she soon revealed herself to be sharp, funny and aware.

She stood up to the bullying and name-calling of Sezer (calling him out right away) and the odious Grace. She stuck up for fellow housemates Sam and the divine Susie. She is, altogether, a decent person.

The internet is abuzz with campaigns to have Aisleyne win. My good friends at are rallying the troops. A vote for Aisleyne is a vote for decency - and to show that bullying and name-calling will never beat respect and "knowing yourself".


Anonymous said...

Support Aisleyne!

kellie said...

I'm pinning my hopes for the future of the human race on her winning. If she doesn't, I will kill myself and visit Pete in a vision and tell him he is a boring, manipulative twat.