Fecks Factor

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Smiling Dannii Minogue, X Factor judge

I discovered last night's X Factor repeat on ITV today. I very nearly got sucked in. Dannii Minogue's ability to talk through the front of her face while not moving any other facial parts is a thing to behold.

Then, I got a whiff of Eau de Louis. I realised I had better things to do - things like listen to that Bacarra CD and do the dishes. Important stuff.
But what of X Factor? How could I keep abreast with Dannii's facial developments yet avoid the rubbish Irish pixie and stretching of 2 minute's material into 17 minute's footage?

Hurrah then for The Bitch Factor. It recaps X Factor, and mercilessly rips it to bit. It's written by Steven, Carrie and Joel, three of my most favouritest people. Go go.


kerryuk78 said...

Hahahaha, I thought the same when I saw the X Factor *lol* to much botox *lol*