Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flights from London to Iceland fly over a lot of water, a little part of Iceland, but mostly over the length of Britain.

Take a look at these aerial photos of mountains, valleys, islands, cities and towns - mine are mainly of Scotland and the north of England, because it was cloudy down south.

Glasgow airport

Glasgow airport, aerial photo

The Firth of Forth, and Forth Road Bridge
The iconic Forth (rail) Bridge is just about visible in background, behind clouds.

Forth Road Bridge, aerial photo

River valley in Scotland
I haven't been able to identify this one.

Scottish river, aerial photo

Stornoway and Isle of LewisStornoway is in the left middle-ground.

Stornoway, Lewis, aerial photo

Loch Linnhe
Two photos of Loch Linnhe - one of the north-western edge, and one where its two sides nearly meet.

Loch Linnhe and mountains, aerial photo

Loch Linnhe, aerial photo

Robin Rigg wind farm
I identified this as it was the only wind farm with 60 turbines.

Robin Rigg wind farm, aerial photo

Liverpool, the Mersey and Birkinhead
The lower half of the photo is Liverpool.

Liverpool, aerial photo