Myriam's map of San Marino

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I visited San Marino three years ago.

On my way there, I left my phone on the bus. Myriam, who worked at my hotel very kindly drove me to the bus garage to get my phone back. I spent some time talking to her, she was a very nice person.

During all this, for some reason, I didn't ask her to draw a map of San Marino. Maybe I just forgot, or felt a bit foolish.

I went back to San Marino this week, and found Myriam still working in the hotel.

She remembered me from three years ago, and then drew this wonderfully detailed map of San Marino.

San Marino, drawn by Myriam

Thanks Myriam!

So now my collection of maps of European countries is nearly done - only Andorra, Bosnia, Cyprus, Moldova and Monaco are left. I'm determined to finish the collection this year - here's hoping.

EuroGlobe, a map of Europe by Europeans

Essex Estuary Evaluation

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Last week, I volunteered to test a walk for the Royal Geographical Society's Discovering Britain website.

It is a great website with lots of downloadable guided walks all over the country,

My walk was along the Essex Estuary where the Thames meets the North Sea, and land meets water.

It's only 40 minutes away from London but an interesting walk along a relatively ordinary landscape made even more interesting by the tour commentary.