Just maybe, I'm crazy

Friday, March 31, 2006

Wild Dances singer Ruslana, who won the Eurovision in 2004 for Ukraine, has become a member of the Ukrainian parliament. Elections were recently held in Ukraine, about 18 months after Ukraine's Orange Revolution.

The 2004 presidential elections held in Ukraine were disputed, with candidate Viktor Yushchenko claiming corruption. People took to the streets in Ukraine in protest and the election was overturned. At a subsequent election, Yushchenko was declared president of Ukraine. During the 2004's disputed elections, Ruslana declared support for Viktor Yushchenko. At one stage, she said she would to go on hunger strike for the cause.

This year, she was a candidate for Yushchenko's party, Our Ukraine, in parliamentary elections, and was voted in.

Ruslana has said, “I am ready to change my schedule radically to attend all sessions of the Verkhovna Rada. I may even stop my career." Laws about patronage of art, job placement for students and defense of intellectual property right are her legislative priorities.

You can see her now, can't you? In the Verkhovna Rada, blow-torch in hand, ready to debate the issues of the day. Hopefully, she'll wear her leathers to the opening of parliament.

Adrian meets Lots Of Celebrities

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Last night, I went to the British Book Awards (the company I work for are owned by the organising company). When we arrived, we were whisked away to be given jobs - we didn't know this beforehand.

So the PR people started issuing duties - I ended up helping the celebrity photographer for OK! magazine!

I met: lot of authors who aren't properly famous, Gloria Hunniford, J K Rowling, Alan Titchmarsh, Liz Smith, Mark Gatiss, Vic Reeves, Jilly Cooper, Rupert Everett, Chantelle, and the piece-de-resistance Kerry Katona!

Kerry Katona told Gloria Hunniford to close her legs!

Rupert Everett was gossiping about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - and he is absolutely

It was fantastic fun!

Adrian meets Kym Marsh!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Bizarre encounters with minor celebrities: it's Kym Marsh.


A: Hi! Well done, really liked your performance.
K: Aw, thank you.
A: I particularly liked it when you dragged the microphone stand.
K: I'll tell you why I did that, right. Thing is, I was going to sit on steps at the front... she whitters on... so I dragged the stand into the centre.
A: Oh. Well you must do that if you get to Athens.
K: I will. Hey, it'll help me arms.
T: You looked fabulous, your muscular legs.
K: That's from running after that lot, the kids
T: All those 4? [4 Adults dressed as schoolkids sitting behind us]
K: How old do you think I am, eh? I'm not that old! Right, I must go, see ya.

Aw. She's lovely. Dead Northern and that.

Incidentally, last week was a bumper sleb-spotting week: Trevor McDonald, Rhona Cameron, Jack Ryder, lots of people at the BBC, Sugababes and Javine!