Stockholm Lights

Monday, March 18, 2013

Stockholm is a beautiful city by day with church spires, brightly coloured stone and wooden buildings and water reflecting the sunlight.

But I loved it even more at night when the Swedes do all they can to light up the dark nights.

From small features like candles and backlit doorbell panels to floodlight buildings and large neon signs, the city glows.

I guess this is needed in a city where for several months there is more dark than daylight.

This reminds me too of the Christmas stars I saw in Gothenburg. (I even saw a few in Stockholm still hanging in March.)

Stockholm Sunsets

Friday, March 15, 2013

If you're lucky enough to be in Stockholm on a clear day, head for somewhere to see amazing sunsets like these.

Two places I recommend are Monteliusvägen and Norra Riddarholmshamnen.

Sights in Brazil

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My final post about Brazil - here are some of the other things I saw!

  • A mouse scuttles out of a shop onto the footpath. Some girls shriek. A young man rushes out behind the mouse, chases it, stamps on it, and kicks it out into the road. "Ooh, couragi," coo the girls.
  • A woman on the gay beach at Ipanema, determinedly chatting up every man she could find, with raucous laughter, coy glances and a huge bottle of wine.
  • Muscle milk muscle growth supplement on the menu in a cafe. The Brazilians do take their muscles seriously...
  • A bar playing only the hits of Toni Braxton.