World Cup Flags

Monday, July 28, 2014

It's been two weeks since the World Cup ended, and I'm missing seeing World Cup flags all over London.

So to satiate my vexillology longing, here are some of my favourite flag sightings.

My favourite flag sightings came about when two flags were displayed on one household or building, showing a lovely multinational mix. Like this one above from Willesden Junction: Brazilian café downstairs and a German flag flying above - a very London sight.

Europe in USA

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

For many years, I've been interested in the way towns, cities, villages and more in the USA are named (I wrote about in 2010).

Reading the article which inspired that blog, I realised that nearly all of Europe was accounted for in American placenames.

So I set about making a map of some European place-names in the USA.

Sadly, there isn't a place for every country in Europe, though sometimes there are more than one, e.g. Norway, Kansas, Norway, Iowa and Norway, Maine, so I chose the place which sat best on the map.

In some cases, a country name is not accounted for, but the capital city is e.g Vienna, Georgia or Sofia, New Mexico.

And occasionally, you really can't be sure that the European placename is the inspiration - e.g. Turkey, North Carolina or San Marino, California

I'm fascinated by the breadth and number of places with names inspired by Europe. I suppose the next step is to start visiting them!

World Cup in London: Argentina

Thursday, July 10, 2014

For the second World Cup semi-final, I chose to watch Argentina -v- Netherlands at Moo Cantina in Pimlico with lots of Argentina fans.

It was super-packed, so I again took to hanging around outside.

It wasn't the most exciting match (until the penalties!) so people watching was again the order of the evening.

A goal was disallowed, leading to roars and disappointment.

But, in the end, Argentina came out victorious, leading to celebrations (which sadly I didn't photograph, as my phone battery was perilously low).

And as I sloped home on the bus, London served up fans from both Uruguay and Netherlands on the bus.

World Cup in London: Germany

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Last night I went to watch Germany-v- Brazil with German fans at Zeitgeist, a German bar in Vauxhall.

And what a match to choose to support Germany, as they pounded Brazil 7-1.

The bar was super-packed and sold out, so I hung around on the street outside.

In spite of this, the atmosphere was infectious from the bar within.

But in spite of all the surprise, joy and celebrations as all the goals poured in to the Brazilian net, there was still room for a few (jaded) German stereotypes.

And, as always, the best entertainment comes from watching how other people react and enjoy the game.

World Cup in London: Brazil

Monday, July 07, 2014

I went to watch Brazil -v- Colombia on Friday evening in Willesden.

There are lots of Brazilian shops and cafés in Willesden Junction / Harlesden, so I was expecting a good atmosphere.

Wandering around before the match, I saw lots of Brazilian flags adorned houses and shops - mainly a combination of Brazilian beauty and butchers.

I first settled in a small café bar, which was pretty quiet to begin with... until Brazil scored their first goal a few minutes into the match.

Nonetheless, midway through the first half, I decided to wander on and found The Misty Moon in Harlesden.

This large bar was full, packed full of Brazilian fans. It was a huge party.

Into the second half, Brazil were in the lead, and the celebrations had begun. Lots were paying no attention to the game, choosing to dance, laugh, party.

Then out came a huge Brazilian flag, the size of an average London flat.

A banner outside the bar was emblazoned with Rio de Harlesden. It really felt like I was in Brazil when the final whistle went.
The singing and dancing went on for ages, and as I left, all along my bus route, more and more groups of Brazil fans were waving their flags and celebrating their victory.

Imagine what it'll be like if they actually win the World Cup!