Circle Lines | Glasgow Subway

Monday, June 01, 2015

Deep in the cold and damp of Saturday morning in January in Scotland, I took a trip on the Glasgow subway - a one-line railway which loops around the city.

But while Glasgow is a mainly grey city architecture-wise, its subway was a more colourful experience 

The train itself: three cute bright orange carriages - like an oversized Berocca tube - bolting, barrelling, zipping through the tunnels.

A woman (who looks like Hayley from Coronation Street) wearing bright turquoise coat, a man in a bright orange hi-vis vest, a station with pastel pink walls, a girl with a bright pink bobble hat, coat and shopping bag, a man with a bright red scarf, a lady's bright purple handbag, a bright green hat, and a cerise beret.

And then there was the colourful scenes all around me:
  • Someone telling a long story to her mother about Amy and Lindsay and the job they both applied for.
  • An old lady rolling her shopping trolley onto the carriage with a sigh.
  • A woman entering and grimacing, "Something smells, doesn't it man? They should put air freshener."
  • A woman asking her child, "Did you bring toilet roll? No? We'll need to get hankies."
  • A police officer asking a little girl, "Have you been to the shops? Did you buy any knick knacks?"
  • A teenage girl admonishing her little sister, "Stop acting so smart!"
  • Someone saying," Every time the council's used it makes the case complex."
  • A man loosing his footing, tripping on top of another man, says "Aye, we're close now!"