Small world

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I went to Oslo, and was chatting to a guy from California who (randomly) had been chatting online to my living-in-Edinburgh Californian friend's Norwegian flatmate.

I was in the sea in Barcelona and heard my name being called. It was the flatmate of a friend.

I was getting my lunch in central London. I saw a man who I had seen playing a guard in Measure for Measure in Cork 4 years ago.


Aaryn said...

so im confused... do you live in Ireland or England?

Adrian said...

I live in London. I'm Irish, grew up in Cork. And I lived in Scotland for a short time too.

I don't really like saying I live in England.

Bintal said...

Oh Mr. California Man. He knew where my city was. He's on Myspace.

Anonymous said...


very impressed with the whole bloggin thing....reading the articles it's like we were on the phone for we used to!

must check back when you next update!


Adrian said...

Ooh, Mr or Ms Anonymous, thank you - But, pray, who art thou?


Anonymous said...

what you ain't guessed yet....its a definite ms thank you very much!