Thursday, July 27, 2006

Earlier on the tube platform, I stood next to a very short guy. I'm not very tall, yet he only came up to the level of my chest. As I was thinking about his shortness, I glanced down and noticed his sandled feet. He had letters tattooed on the each of the four bigger toes of his feet. Reading across, they spelled out S-H-O-R T-A-S-S.

I smiled, thinking how clever he was to both celebrate and make fun of his size. I tried to hide my smiling (English reserve is catching). He noticed me, though, and laughed at my obvious admiration.

It was one of those special, simple, big city moments.


Jamie said...

It's funny how that sort of thing can lift your spirits.

A bit like at Christmas last year when I held the door open for this little old man and he wished me a 'Merry Xmas'. After hours of being pushed and shoved about in the Christmas rush this really touched me and I got a bit choked up. Soppy I know!

Gareth said...

It sounds to me like a late night drunken prank, but it's nice that he's happy with it.