Germany by Novala, Norway, Belgium by Alice

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I've collected 3 further maps for my EuroGlobe project.

I asked Novala, a German woman living in Vienna, to draw Germany. She has a very interesting blog here.


I sent two letters to two addresses in Oslo, with envelopes and paper. One recipient has returned a map of Norway. This drawing is by either Erik or Joakim - I don't know which! Hopefully whomever it is will email me so I can attribute them correctly.

Finally, Belgium. Last weekend, I went to a Latin American carnival being held in South London with a vague notion of collecting country maps. I thought I'd maybe meet people from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru - all of which were strongly represented in the carnival. I eventually spoke to a man from Bolivia. I may have inadvertently annoyed him as he was from Santa Cruz, an area which has a growing autonomy movement. He didn't seem keen on drawing the map, but mentioned that the woman with him was from Belgium. So here, the result of a Latin American carnival is Belgium drawn by Alice


Anonymous said...

Hi a very nice Site! Click the link "Brasilien in Weggis"

PsychFabMad said...

The map reminds me of Sweden... Almost offended. Almost. Slightly. Maybe.

Adrian said...

I did wonder at first whether it was Norway or Sweden, as I didn't know who sent it. I'm guessing Norway, though, due to the gulf / bay / fjord at Oslo.