Swedish pop @ G-A-Y

Monday, July 23, 2007

Alcazar at G-A-Y

BWO live at G-A-Y

I went to G-A-Y on Saturday night to see BWO, Alcazar and Army of Lovers.
  • Army of Lovers were just plain bizarre. Alexander Bard had a black blow up (female) sex doll with him.
  • Alcazar were with new girl Lina, and all synchronised head turns and pointing.
  • No handclaps! No strutting!
  • Tess was dressed for wind machine success with a big flowy number.
  • The wind machine was set to Carola strength for Tess, but a mere Sonja Alden trickle for Lina. Maybe there's a wind machine pecking order?
  • Andreas was sharp with his shaved head and tight, tight trousers. He knew his market.
  • They were all coy about Alcazar reforming, meaning 'no'.
  • BWO were good too. Martin took his shirt off.
  • They performed Temple of Love to a hugely bemused audience who had no idea of its Melodifestivalen brilliance.


Poster Girl said...

Sigh. Lovely photos and selection of details. I would've loved to have been there.

orange anubis said...

It brought a little tear to my eye to see Army Of Lovers after all this time, in all their capering around knocking over the little pillars glory.