Roads & Rodez

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pictures from a wander from Broadgate to Borough

This news story caught my eye last week. Three Norwegian tourists ended up in the small French city of Rodez, having bought a flight which they thought was for Rhodes in Greece.

Sadly the trio (Bente, Marit and Knut - 3 ace Norwegian names) did not stay in Rodez. I would have thought it would be something of an adventure, a journey into the unknown as it were.

Journeying and wandering for their own sake are fun (Norwegians take note!). I love wandering city streets with no particular aim in mind, taking photographs and soaking it all up.

I've just put two such wanderings on to my site. So:

a wander from Broadgate to Bank and
a wander along East London's Christian Street.

Pictures from a wander on Christian Street