Let's Get Quizzical

Monday, March 03, 2008

Every week, in my office, we have a quiz. The quizzes usually have a geography theme (we're nerdy like that). This week I provided the EuroPopQuiz!

Now I'd like to offer the quiz to the dear readers of acediscovery. I may make this a regular occurance as quizzes are the ace fun.

So - listen to or download the mp3 and reply. The mp3 has 7 sound clips - each from a different country. The task is to identify which country the songs come from - hint: all the countries are in Europe.

I'll select a winner, and there will be a prize! (most likely a CD)


Anonymous said...

I could only make out seven clips. My guesses are, in order, The Netherlands, Romania, Greece, France, Finland, Ukraine and Norway. Four are total guesses. One I feel vaguely sure of. Two I feel I've got a hint of a chance with.

Adrian said...

Thanks pleite - there are 7 clips (I have been counting this wrong since Friday).

I will let you know if you are right in due course!

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, this is a brilliant idea! Let's see...I'll guess the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, France, Finland, Ukraine, and Sweden.

Adrian said...
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Chig said...
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Chig said...

I'll pretend I didn't see what was there before your deleting(!) and give you my honest answers:

We like! More please!

Adrian said...

Thank you Chig! Er, where is MD? Is it Maceonia or Moldova or somewhere entirely different?

Chig said...

MD = Moldova. (MK = FYR Macedonia.)

I think:
The Netherlands, Spain, Poland, France, Estonia, Ukraine, Sweden


RAD said...

I have no idea.

Netherlands, Portugal, Croatia, France, Norway, Czech Republic, Sweden because some of the words in the last one sound like some of the words in Marie Fredriksson's solo stuff.

Pål said...

Oooh, this was difficult but fun!

My guess: Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Finland and Sweden.

Pål said...

Ooops. Forgot one. FYROM should be in there between Finland and Sweden;o)

Adrian said...

And the results:

pleite = 4
poppostergirl = 6
chig = 5
RTD = 6
Rad = 3
Pål = 4

Well done all!