Well, I never - aussie bum

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Posters advertising ubergay underwear brand AussieBum have begun appearing all over my local London areas, Kennington and Vauxhall (2 particularly gay London areas).

Underwear ads are nothing new - Freddie Ljungberg on a poster, David Beckham's crotch on the side of a bus, and that eye-popping Dolce & Gabbana chap.

But this one caught my eye - oh my, he's got his bum out. Goodness.

AussieBum ad at bus stop, Kennington


Anonymous said...

this picture is popping up all over the net. did you take the picture??? Is it creative commons?

Adrian said...

I did take it, but don't mind it appearing wherever. It's no masterpiece.

Send me some links about where it is? I'd like to see.