Girls Aloud are ace

Friday, November 21, 2008

There have been many excellent reviews of Girls Aloud's new album, Out of Control. I second everything they write. Lyrically, it's top-notch, and fabulous singing and vocal moments abound. Such as these ace bits:

  • The Promise: Huge girlpop anthem, giving everyone a chance to be girlband fabulous. You're gonna make me, make me love you... and a massive key-change.
  • The Loving Kind: Majestic, brittle, beautiful, making me wonder if love is all about the little things.
  • Rolling back the rivers in time: Gone are the days of magic sings Nicola, directly referencing another of their songs, It's Magic
  • Love is the Key: opposites attract, and now we're picking out the towels and curtains
  • Turn to Stone: Electropop!
  • Untouchable: Without any meaning, we're just skin and bone. Like beautiful robots, dancing alone. WOW.
  • Fix Me Up: a plea for all my sexual healing sounding oh-so like "homosexual healing". You know, you go, girls.
  • Love is Pain: oh oh oh oh Love is Pain oh oh oh oh you're insane oh oh oh oh
  • Miss You Bow Wow: an ace title, and basically is 4 choruses (chorii?) strung together into one huge song. Massive sing-a-long I remember in one of these many chorus moments
  • Revolution in the Head: Girls going dancehall. Gimme the ting, gimme the ting, gimme the oh oh oh - and making it work.
  • Live in the Country: cow sounds! cat sounds! pig sounds! It's joyfully bonkers, and yet totally in Girls Aloud's oeuvre as a logical response to Swinging London Town
  • We Wanna Party: It's vintage Aloud: we're-famous-and-fucked: disillusioned with my dreams, got life confused with my designer jeans.

Overall: a brilliant, grown-up, sonic and lyrically superb album with songs which both refer back to earlier songs and move their style onwards.


Adem With An E said...

I had never picked up on the "all my sexual healing" line sounding like "homosexual healing". And now it's all I can hear!

I'm still in awe at the robots line in "Untouchable." Do you think it will end up being a single at all? Edited, obviously...

Adrian said...

It would be beautiful in late summer... especially the beginning.

Adrian said...

It would be beautiful in late summer... especially the beginning.

Adrian said...
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