Food & Meat-related tube stations

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's a quiet day in our office, and a conversation about Swimbeldon turns turns meatily to Gambledon and a whole afternoon of foody pun fun.

Puns are good.

  • Turnpike Loin
  • Aldgate Yeast
  • Banger Lane
  • Parsnip Green
  • Elephant & Custard
  • Euston Squash
  • Bacon Street
  • Brent Cress
  • Charring Cress
  • Mill Hill Feast
  • Arnos Grape
  • Ladbrook Gravy
  • Marrow-on-the-hill
  • Bean Park
  • Green Pork
  • New Crisp Gate
  • Turnip Green
  • Kings Cross St Parsnip
  • Snout Kensington
  • Hamden Town
  • Whitechipolata
  • Mansion Grouse
  • Offal
  • Turnip Green
  • Maida Veal
  • Shepherds Pie Market
  • Piccalilli Circus
  • Marrowlebone.
  • Brussel square
  • Mint-Imperial Wharf
  • Old meat
  • Lan-pasta Gate
  • Sprout Kensington
  • High-berry & Ice-cream-ton
  • Oxford Circus-cous
  • West-Mince-ter
  • Pimmslico
  • Chutney bridge
  • Seven shish-ters
Any more?


Joe said...

Manor House Cake
Double Gloucester Road

Adrian said...

Thanks Joe!

Any more!

A map is being made...

Joe said...

Swiss Cottage Cheese
South Ricelip
Custard House (for ExJeLLy)

Joe said...

Cornington Crescent
Egg White City
Veg-ware Road

Adrian said...

We love Vegware Road.

Anonymous said...

I don't have anything good to contribute.

I just wanted to say that I wish there was a thumbs up button on blog entries, like on Facebook.

Thumbs up.