Grace Jones, Somerset House

Friday, July 10, 2009

Last night I went to see Grace Jones in concert at Somerset House - it was amazing. There was a costume change for every song, or rather I should say a hat change. She was wearing a fabulous set of hats. They included:

  • a fascinator feather with alien bug-eye lights
  • full-moon centurion style circle
  • Hat in the shape of Angor Wat
  • Space age Virgin Mary get-up in a washing machine extraction tube
  • Giant copper bowl with matching cymbals
  • Bug-eyed alien mask
  • Gold alopecia feathered Cleopatra
  • Cabaret circus ring master
  • A diamond-encrusted cocoon
  • Big leaf, with Zaha Hadid style swoop
  • Bug tentacles & antelope horns
  • Flashing blue sunglasses
  • Disco ball bowler hat with lasers
  • And finally she emerged wearing a Christmas decoration on her head.

Highlights of the night were when Grace exclaimed "Jesus! What's with the yellow light?" and "No fan's gonna fuck up my hula hoop" before hula-hooping while singing Slave to the Rhythm.

Here's a rubbish video of a little bit: