You've got the look

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The blog has a new look - multiple columns and plug-in modular-ness. I've mainly redesigned it as I'm intending to give out the address to more people, so it needed to show a few more aspects all in one place.

I've started to talk to people at events, asking them to draw certain parts of the world. The idea is that, when I have enough maps, I'll overlay them all.

So far, I've been to Carnaval del Pueblo, a south London Latin American festival, and a Thai festival in Greenwich, asking people to draw Latin America and South East Asia respectively.

I've got about 50 maps from this, but no images uploaded as yet.

However, some Austrian people drew Austria for me and I have done a few of my own as a test - so below are multiple Austrias, Indias, Italys and Irelands.

Austrias, colour
Indias #2
Italys #2
Irelands #2


Anonymous said...

This is very very cool indeed.

Adrian said...

Thanks! I spent yesterday pestering people watching the Ashes to draw Australia, so more to come...