The Golden Filters, live in London

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Last night, I went to Cargo to see a band called The Golden Filter.

The Golden Filter, live in London

Although, variously through the evening, I called them:
  • The Golden Glitters
  • The Golden Flippers
  • The Golden Floaters
  • The Golden Fluffers
  • The Golden Frapp
  • The Golden Lamé

 I don't know why.

The Golden Filter are an electro-duo made up of Australian Penelope and Ohio-born Stephen.

Stephen looks like an archetypal Noo Yawk gay (think Anthony in Sex & the City in a offbeat quirky phase) and Penelope has an amazing name.

She spent most of her time on stage stridently marching on the spot, while swoop-turning her head from side to side. At one point, she was splashing in small puddles on the stage.

Their songs are wailing & whisper vocals over electro with heavy percussion. On stage, this meant tambourines, castanets and many many drum banging sequences. It was all quite Eurovisiony, although they probably wouldn't like that.

Their final, mammoth drum-a-thon needed a golden glitter machine to explode over the crowd.

And so, an equation:

 ((Human League x Goldfrapp) + (Kate Bush wailing - eccentricity)) x (electro-nihilism + eurovision drumming) = The Golden Filter


Talia said...

Ooh, I wanted to go but was busy. Will have to check them out next time.