Green Lanes: Turkish shops & cosmopolitanism

Monday, January 04, 2010

Continuing my series of London bars, cafés, shops and restaurants named after foreign places, I took a trip to Green Lanes. Given the sizeable Greek, Turkish and Cypriot communities living nearby, I expected to come away with many venues named after places in those countries.

I wasn't disappointed, with major cities counted for - Bodrum restaurant, Diyarbakir restaurant and Istanbul barbers and a closed cafe bar with the name Kibris (the Turkish name for Cyprus), but four of the many many venues bearing Turkish and Greek names.

Bodrum restaurant

Diyarbakır restaurant

Istanbul barbers

Kibris café bar

Eastern European names also featured, with a Danube bakery and a derelict shop named after Moldova.

Danube bakery

Moldova store

I was more surprised to find venues and shops named after more Western European cities - a Paris beauty salon (a place to become tres belle) and Milano restaurant.

Paris beauty salon

Milano café bar