Map stencils

Friday, April 09, 2010

When I was a lad, a time when maps didn't print off the internet, we used map stencils.

Map stencil of Ireland

I clearly remember buying an Ireland and Europe stencil for 4th class geography lessons. Since then, I had forgotten about them until I discovered one for sale on eBay.

Map stencil of North America

I promptly bought it and then went to Stanfords where I bought 5 more- Ireland, Australia, France, Europe and North America.

Map stencil of Britain

These tracer maps are made by Jakar who seem to be the masters of map stencils.

Map stencil of Europe

But now that my interest is piqued, and ever one for a challenge, I'd like to collect more countries. I'm not even sure these were made in other countries. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Are there stencils for Greece, Finland, Germany, Japan, South Africa and, well, everywhere else?


iamjamesward said...

Inspired by this post, I had a look on eBay at map stencils, and quite liked this military map symbol stencil. "This military stencil contains NATO troops tactical maps symbols."

Talia said...

I bought the Great Britain one for James' birthday. It has gone down a treat.

Thanks Adventurer

R said...

I think that I recognise the UK and N America stencils from donkey's years ago. They look identical, from memory, to two I had in a set of four; apart from the colour of the UK stencil. In my set N America was also red, but the UK was green, a similar shade to your Ireland. My set was completed with Australia (bright lemony yellow), and France (deep, somewhat dark, blue)

Robyn said...

I came across this blog tonight while I was in the process of finding a stencil of Africa and one of N. America. We are in the process of adopting 5 year old twins from Uganda and I wanted to stencil the 2 countries as part of the scheme of their room. I am not good at using the search features but I am not coming up with anything,even when I clicked on the jacar link, I still didnt see any map stencils. Any ideas as to how to find these?? Thank you in advance for your assistance.