A Trip to Tallinn

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sights of Tallinn

I recently went to Tallinn, capital of Estonia, for a weekend. This year, Tallinn, along with Turku in Finland, is European Capital of Culture.

So I went there to see lovely medieval streets and cultural what-nots. Here's what I saw...

  • Cute, winding old streets and soaring spires on churches, towers and the city walls.

  • The first thing I saw as I wandered down the street was a display of old maps of Tallinn through time. Amazing!

  • The streets were alive with the sound of music. Singing has a politically and culturally significant in Estonia (they had a singing revolution) so street corners had stages and impromptu choir gatherings.

  • To that end, I also heard Eric Saade's Popular played 7 times in the one night. Now, that's popular.

  • A dank pedestrian tunnel turned into an art gallery.

  • An old lady who was very proud of herself for wearing blue, black and white (the colours of the Estonian flag.)

  • A international parade of nations during a medieval jousting display, with by Koreans, Japanese and Georgians (amongst others) living in Estonia.

  • My favourite sight was the town's old pharmacy, which is the world's oldest continuously-running pharmacy. Displays showed lotions and potions from the past few centuries, including sun-bleached dog faeces, parched bees and dried toads.
Old pharmacy, Tallinn


Anonymous said...

ooo that looks lovely!

But the oldest running pharmacy is actually the old pharmacy in Dubrovnik (from 1317)...or so they claim, anyway. I think the Tallinn one looks nicer though!

Adrian said...

Let's go with "one of the oldest" then!

There's always competition.