London » Lyon

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I went by Eurostar from London to Lyon in November, full of plans to take photos of the journey - until I realised my camera's battery was empty.

So instead, I took out a notebook and got drawing the sights and landmarks the train passed - here they are as one animation.

Once I got to Lyon, I charged the camera and explored the sights - taking these photographs.

Lyon, buildings

Lyon, giraffes

Lyon, angel


Love the animation, and the giraffes too. What did you make of Lyon? Were you there for a specific reason or just because? Is it worth a visit?

Adrian said...

Hi! Thanks for the lovely comment.

Went to visit some friends who have moved there - it's nice for a weekend away. Lovely old part (but not medieval, if I remember right), and cathedrals. Zoo/park with giraffes and bears great too if the weather's right.

Cool. Thanks for responding. I'll keep it in mind as a weekend away kind of place (I've heard it good for food as well).