What's in Monaco

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monaco - a tiny country on the French Riviera - is more like a city state. Here's what I saw when I was there.

Monaco is a rich land; the glamour architecture buildings are either replete with gilt, flourishes, style and flair or sleek and smoothly modern.

Most of all, Monaco is a playground for the rich and gaudy, ideal for people watching. I saw:

  • A young man with big, blonde hair and golden sunglasses clutching an older woman as they sashayed through the streets.
  • A man accompanied by five woman complaining about where to get his shirts made.
  • A young wife emerging from a designer store saying, "thank you, it was wonderful".
  • A larger man wearing a bright purple polo shirt whilst driving a bright orange sports car.
  • A young man wearing white shirt and khaki shorts fuming about "ultra-conservative countries that have no bearing on reality".
  • A young woman sporting bright pink lipstick alongside bright green sunglasses.
  • A glamorous Shirley Bassey-esque woman arguing with hot-headed taxi driver, then walking a few metres away and laughing "ha ha ha" whilst haughtily tossing one hand in the air.

Below, my favourite photograph I took in Monaco shows a woman wearing sunglasses, relaxing by a swimming pool, and not a single other person to be seen.