Sunday, October 27, 2013

I went to Nottingham the weekend before last. The weather was awful while I was there, rain rain and more rain.

As a result, my memories of there are mainly grey, so I made a virtue of that for this picture.

Because it was raining, I spent most of my time dashing between shops where I overheard these gems. This first one reminds me so much of this Victoria Wood sketch.

Two elderly women and a middle-aged man are chatting in a charity shop, at the counter.

Woman 1:
"It'll be one of the lads from the priory. There's always young men at the priory."
The man confirms it is one of these lads.
Woman 1: "Is it Mark? Or Rob?"
Man: "'s got a, Karl?"
Woman 1: "Cole?! Kyle?! Oh Karl... oh yes, he's a nice lad. Doesn't say much... well, I suppose he does to you..."
Then, the first woman abruptly changes the subject and says to the second woman: "Now she said she didn't like it strapless!"

Meanwhile, it was anything but a quiet day out. I saw:
  • A fist-and-kicking fight break out on the tube (at 7am on a Saturday morning!). Dramatic.
  • A French guy in tears, slumped on floor of St Pancras Station.
  • A young woman on the train momentarily losing her tickets and bursting into tears
  • A woman chastising her child in a shopping centre, telling her, "You're a wicked little girl!"
  • A man crouched in the foetal position in a Nottingham phone box.