Slow train in Belgium

Monday, November 25, 2013

On a public holiday, I took a very slow train between Bruges and Ghent.

The train slowly glided through a seemingly flat, featureless landscape. 

But as it went along, its slow pace and quiet carriages allowed me to enjoy the following sights and sounds. 

  • The only noise being the chug of the train, the heating turning on and off and faint digital device buzzes and blips.
  • The conductor moving through the carriages and saying "schcifft!" to every passenger.
  • A single bright green row of lettuces in a field of purple cabbages.
  • Cylindrical silage bales wrapped in black and white plastic like bullseye humbugs.
  • Huge flocks of white birds scattering as the train trundled past.
  • A convoy of trucks with the company name Lekkerland (Tasty land) emblazoned on them.