Anne Frank House Emotions

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I've just come back from Amsterdam where I visited the Anne Frank House.

It stirs many emotions...

...Sadness that this whole sorry episode of history happened.

...Anger that people can be so cruel.

...Proud of those that helped.

...Introspection: would you have done the same?

...Surprise that it is larger than previously imagined.

...Irritation at those visitors who seem more interested in talking about lunch.

...Bewilderment at the need to 'museum-ify' the house.

...Understanding that this is so others can learn.

...Humour remembering David Sedaris' sad and satirical story set there.

...Melancholy reading that teenage Peter was given a razor and cigarette lighter as birthday gifts.

...Relief that he was given gifts at all.

...Hope that this teaches the world important lessons.