Adrian meets Kym Marsh!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Bizarre encounters with minor celebrities: it's Kym Marsh.


A: Hi! Well done, really liked your performance.
K: Aw, thank you.
A: I particularly liked it when you dragged the microphone stand.
K: I'll tell you why I did that, right. Thing is, I was going to sit on steps at the front... she whitters on... so I dragged the stand into the centre.
A: Oh. Well you must do that if you get to Athens.
K: I will. Hey, it'll help me arms.
T: You looked fabulous, your muscular legs.
K: That's from running after that lot, the kids
T: All those 4? [4 Adults dressed as schoolkids sitting behind us]
K: How old do you think I am, eh? I'm not that old! Right, I must go, see ya.

Aw. She's lovely. Dead Northern and that.

Incidentally, last week was a bumper sleb-spotting week: Trevor McDonald, Rhona Cameron, Jack Ryder, lots of people at the BBC, Sugababes and Javine!


Bintal said...

Still waiting for the Edgware review, Murph. Better be good.

Adrian said...

Yes, yes, it's coming. There's so much to write about Edgware, see.

audrey said...

I saw Kym live, supporting Mark Owen, no less. The audience had all won their tickets from a crumby Scotch radio station (except me - my brother-in-law blagged tickets from brother-of-John-Leslie, Grant Stott). Kym said "so you all won tickets, eh? I've never won anything me. Oh wait a minute..." *comedy facial expression*

Sara said...

There is something (oh dare I say it...)kinda cool about Kym. I think I would be happy to see her rise from the ashes of her career so far. It's probably best that she isn't lumbered with Eurovision. Isn't she meant to be in Corrie?

Schlagerboys said...

Kym was just a tad boring on Making Your Mind Up. Classy she may be but we want skirt-ripping and enormous key changes.

Kym didn't manage either!

Schlagerboys said...

ps. lumbered with Eurovision? How very dare you! Any performer should be glad to have it on their CV!!!

Anonymous said...

i absolutly adore you!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are my no.1 singer