Adrian meets Lots Of Celebrities

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Last night, I went to the British Book Awards (the company I work for are owned by the organising company). When we arrived, we were whisked away to be given jobs - we didn't know this beforehand.

So the PR people started issuing duties - I ended up helping the celebrity photographer for OK! magazine!

I met: lot of authors who aren't properly famous, Gloria Hunniford, J K Rowling, Alan Titchmarsh, Liz Smith, Mark Gatiss, Vic Reeves, Jilly Cooper, Rupert Everett, Chantelle, and the piece-de-resistance Kerry Katona!

Kerry Katona told Gloria Hunniford to close her legs!

Rupert Everett was gossiping about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - and he is absolutely

It was fantastic fun!


Jessica said...

Wow, how exciting! What on Earth was Chantelle doing there? I doubt she can even read a book, let alone write one.

Adrian said...

Never let it be said that Chantelle is nothing if not a media whore.

audrey said...

What on earth was Gloria doing?

Adrian said...

She was posing for photographs. Her legs were only mildly apart (she wasn't doing a Sharon Stone). Kerry noticed and hollered across the room, "Gloria, close your legs love!"

She's wonderful.

audrey said...

How fabulously common!

My friend was at the book awards too and she said that Richard and Judy were rubbish and that Rupert Everet kept fluffing his lines, but that was a good thing because it meant his handsomeness could be inspected for longer.

Adrian said...

Rupert did cock it up royally but it was all rather fun. And yes, he is just gorgeous. Later in the night, he and his PA asked where the way out was. I wanted to squeak after them, "please take me home".

Goggle said...

So what exactly did Rupert say about Tom and Katie? I want to know!