Friday, July 14, 2006

From today's Times newspaper, A psychiatry professor from Chicago, has found that repeated screenings of terrorist attacks on TV increases stress impact on the brain. At the Conference of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, she noted that watching repeated screenings of attacks increased the risk of post-traumatic stress. "TV companies that screen disaster footage to boost ratings should examine their consciences, as they are causing harm to their audiences,” Professor Anzia said.

I can almost guarantee that the panic I felt last week was stoked by constant media reporting of the attacks and dwelling on these. There's a fine line between remembrance and re-living, and I'm not sure the media err on the correct side.


In more pleasant news, my acediscovery project has garnered all manner of interested comments. I've come to a conclusion that the random nature of the project is a little wasteful - all that paper used for potentially no outcome. Whilst I will continue to be random to a certain degree, I also intend to invite people to collaborate. Which I think is a much more exciting venture.

So I'd like to invite anyone reading this - if you would like to draw the world, or draw your country, please email me at:


ExpatJane said...

The same thing happened to me during the Hurricane Katrina coverage. So, I think it's just about any traumatic event that they show over and over.

As I'm from the States but overseas, I was hardwired into CNN and the Internet. After a few days of that, I needed to just turn the TV off. Now I know the people in it were suffering, but I realized the extensive coverage was tweeking me too.

That's probably one big reason I took my time to pay attention to news stories about the conflict in the Middle East. I just started blogging about it, and it's 6 days into it.

Anonymous said...

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kellie said...

Do you prefer stuff that has been drawn on paper and scanned in, or would something created using art pad: be OK?

Adrian said...

I really like stuff on paper, so I can but I also like the art-pad site as it shows how the picture was drawn!

So anyone can do either, I'm open to all and any options.