Ireland by Deirdre, Greece by Daphne, Portugal by Mauro

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I watched a TV show last week called A Song for London, which followed musician Ben Roy around London in an attempt to find a person from every nation to sing him a song.

His attempts were mildly successful - he found people from about 70% of the world's countries, an astounding figure. He was seen speaking with embassies, cultural organisations, schools and even football teams in the hope of finding foreigners.

And while Roy attempted to complete his task in a week, I was reminded of my own project. I've collected a few more maps in the past few weeks.

When I was at home in Ireland at the end of August, I asked my good friend Deirdre, who's another geography and travelling fan, to draw Ireland.


Daphne, from Athens, has a blog which I read. She very kindly sent me her map of Greece.

Mauro, from Portugal, left me a comment about his new blog and project to collect 1 Million Love Messages. I like his idea - so in exchange for my message, I asked him for a map of Portugal. He very kindly agreed.


In addition to his map, Mauro also sent me a postcard of his city - doesn't it look fantastic?!
Portuguese city


Blog's Author said...

Very Nice Adrian :-)

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

hey hey adrian! I noticed you red my European Tour on my blog :) I'm so glad u gave a shout-out cuz I was feeling rather disappointed that no one would say a word. I can see you are as crazy about europe as me. I also like the map thing, and I follow Euovision every year! So, if you need anything at all about the portuguese pre-selection, feel free to ask... It's glad to see that there's someone else out there with the same interests as me ;) keep up the great posting, I'll be lookin' around ;)