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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Two weeks ago, I went home to Ireland and, yet again, saw many changes there. I became focused, this time, on rural Ireland and the changes there. However, I haven't had a moment to myself since returning, so have not written anything about this as yet. More to come soon...


To keep the blog alive, I'm stealing an idea from troubled diva to follow blog links. So I follow my 6th link, then that blog's 6th link and so on until I become bored with it.


My 6th link is Catchy Sounds of Sweden, an mp3 blog about Swedish music. The most recent article extols a new song by PAY TV, an amazing Swedish electro-pop tongue-in-cheek act who I saw perform just over a year ago at Contact. This is all very approriate. PAY TV are amazing: great music mixed with witty, satirical lyrics. My favourite is from a song called Top Model with one of the singers breathlessly whispering:

Shut Up
Throw Up

CSoS's 6th link leads me to the site of Swedish band Bodies without Organs (again, amazing). CSoS's 7th link is to From Russia, with Pop, written by the very ace Greg who's leaving London on Thursday to live in Russia for a year. His latest post is about new Ukrainian pop band XS whose latest single seems to be about the hairstyle of Ukraine's former prime minister. Wow.

The next link leads me to Dirrrty Pop, written by Jessica. Jessica continually amazes me with her energy and talent. She writes numerous blogs with a wisdom which belies her youth. And she loves pop music, how more ace can she be. Jessica previews the 4 singles battling in the charts this week, with blogger protagonists fighting each corner. I'm with Jessica, picking the Scissor Sister's new song as my favourite. Can't wait for their new album too.

Onwards to Burning effigy of Candyland where Gareth is demanding that Lily Allen stop shouting her mouth off. I thoroughly agree. Although she'll always get kudos for rhyming "Tesco" with "al fresco" in LDN and the "no, go awawy, you're nawsty" line in "Knock 'em out".

Gareth's 6th link leads to the ace Indie Girl & Pop Boy. They've put together a mix CD of summer tunes, some of which look incredible.

On to a new-to-me blog Bright Lights // Neon Nites who have not updated all that recently. Still, they like Dannii Minogue, that can't be bad. Sadly no more links from here. Back to IG&PB's links, and The Bubble Death, another blog I've never seen before. I'm loving the mast-head image and that's all I'll say about here. On to large-hearted boy, an mp3 blog with an unusual image. It seems a bit rawk. I'm getting out of here.

Onwards to The BM Rant, another blog with an eye-catching header image. Lots of videos on here, all of which seem American or indie. The 6th link out of there leads to Ben Garvey, a 27 year old solo acoustic songwriter from the southern New Jersey / Philadelphia area. He's writing about Steve Irwin being killed by a stingray. 6th link here leads to James Cuartero, who plays guitar. I'm getting mildly bored now. On to Her Jazz, which has the word 'jazz' in the title and so my interest fades.

So. That was interesting, wasn't it?

Normal service will resume soon, I promise.


mike said...

Now, that's interesting. In my prototype (and unpublished) blog-hop, I miscounted one set of links and also ended up at Large-Hearted Boy, also getting as far as Her Jazz before stopping.

Your earlier destinations sound rather enticing, I must say. I'm familiar with Dirrty Pop, but not with the others.

Jessica said...

Thanks! You say such nice things :D

PinkieDust said...

Thanks for the tips!