Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Robyn> I saw ace Swedish pop-star Robyn play the second of two London gigs last Friday at Puregroove at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. Robyn's 2005 album combines acoustic guitars, electro synths and hip-hop beats with cute, cool vocals and lyrics. It is ace, an amazing album.

Opening her set with the ‘I-know-I’m-better-than-you’ sentiment of Handle Me, it was clear that Robyn was here. Backed by just one guitarist / drummer, the music was pared back and minimal, with Robyn’s cool, emotional vocal style to the fore. This detracted from the familiar synthy sounds of some of her songs, which was something of a shame but her vocal style more than made up for this.

What a style! At times confident and boastful, she taunted the audience, but we always knew it wasn't us, she was just playing. And then fragile, sentimental and bittersweet, we just wanted to reach out and touch. Playground tauting, in-your-face hip-hop styled Konichiwa Bitches and Cobrastyle were strong, uptempo songs. Robyn controlled and sparred with the audience, and we loved it.

I was struck by her on-stage behaviour: Robyn raised her fists, clenched her eyes, snarled her lips, and appeared frantically breathless at times. I was expecting polished Swedish pop star, so as stage presence goes, it was certainly surprising but utterly engaging. This was Robyn, raw, emotional and up close.

Sadly, two of my favourite songs from the album weren't played (Who's that Girl? and Crash & Burn Girl). The set focused on her more acoustic and edgy material. Ending with the very excellent and bittersweet Be Mine, the audience joined in, convinced and won over by a very impressive pop star.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, she's just amazing live! Thanks for the review. =)
More pictures from the show and reviews can you find on Robyn forum. See ya!

Robpop said...

She was amazin! did you get to speak to her afterwards? At Yoyo i gave her a huge hug! My review is on DSTP...what did ya think of the new song?

Bintal said...

She and Selma Blair have the same hairstyle. What was her famous song?

Adrian said...

Her song was called Show Me Love. I should send you some Robyn songs. You may very well like!