Tatiana's map of Russia

Friday, December 01, 2006

I met Tatiana, from Moscow, at a party last week. Tatiana was ace, she has recently arrived in London. We talked about: gays, WWW, Leningrad, countesses, communists, religion, the Russian alphabet, VIA Gra, hair, the Russian for "cat", Dima Bilan, how to say "how are you" in Russian and many other exciting topics.

I asked Tatiana to draw a map of Russia. Here it is.

Russia, by Tatiana

Also new is another map of the world. Markus, from somewhere near Stuttgart drew this, as he had seen Tatiana drawing her map. I have already 'got' Germany, so I asked him to draw the world.

Markus' world


Trixie said...

I like how america looks a bit like an ice cream.

Mind you I can't talk, the last time I drew a map of the world it had people in hysterics for about 20 minutes

Boz said...

"Oooooh, those Russians."

Sorry. Someone had to say it.

Adrian said...

Trixie - that comment ensures that I will wield my map book at you the next time I see you.

kellie said...

Have you been to Russia, Adrian? I think it seems like the coolest place ever and am desperate to go, but it's a bit expensive to get there I think. This might sound really dodgy, but since they started poisoning people and doing spy-type things again, I like the sound of it even more.

Trixie said...

I have found my map.

It is a bit weird.


Adrian said...

Kellie - no, I've not been to Russia. I'd love to go. I also have wanted to go to Kazakhstan long before the Borat phenomenom.

Trixie - That map is ace. For a moment, I thought you had drawn a country called Denim, but then I realised it is Denmark.