Ace Songs for Europe #2

Friday, January 19, 2007

Spain are having a very protracted and complicated national final, selecting their singer and song seperately and then matching it all up. It'll either be brilliant, or disastrous. One Spanish popstar who's taking up the challenge is Rebeca. She's been around for 10 years, with her debut album selling hugely in Spain, South America and the USA, going double-platinum in Spain. She's had 6 more successful albums, so she knows her stuff.

Rebeca is entering as a singer, but has also entered a song, so here's hoping they'll be 'matched'. She's teamed up with Invincible writer, and all-round schlager-hit-machine-maker Thomas G:Son to come up with I love you, mi vida. It is ace, and here's why:

  • It's mostly in Spanish, and has ace words like amor / pasion / corazon / suerida

  • It hits the chorus in 47 seconds.

  • Eee-aaaiiyy--ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh

  • the 'this is serious, important music' synth sounds which are ace pop really.

  • "hey! hey! hey!"

  • Spanish guitar and castanet moments.

  • It's got a key change!

  • Rebeca's singing soars all the way over the key change.

  • It would fill the stage, with very high potential for hunky dancers and dance routines.

  • Rebeca's no stranger to a bit of strutting.

Download Rebeca - I love you mi vida mp3


Anonymous said...

Ooh lovely! She'll need to trim those extraneous 8 seconds for the live performance, though!