Enter the Dragonette

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I went to see Dragonette play in Metro last Thursday night. They were typically ace.

  • They played about 10 songs. Competition and I Get Around were definite highlights, as they're dirty songs about being a mistress and staying out all night being a dirty ticket.

  • A song called Marvellous is, indeed, marvellous.

  • There was a great musical segue between one song & I Get Around.

  • People were dancing in an exuberant fashion. I Get Around got people moving, only for the gig to be cruelly cut short.

  • Martina (henceforth to be called, Lady Dragonette) wore an amazing 80s striped blanket dress with big shoulders held together with black-masking-tape-patent-dominatrix-belt and too-high-to-function heels. She danced in these heels. Dancing featured robotic arm movements, ace synchronised movements to I Get Around and some marching.

  • She revealed that she nearly didn't wear the heels as they hurt like hell. Thankfully she wore them in the name of showmanship and glamour. Excellent working of the Bet Lynch miserable behind the bar of The Rovers but slapping a bit of lippy on, serving a G&T to Rita with a smile and flirting with the male punters while calling them "cock" spirit.

  • The boys wore skinny jeans and shirts. Not as co-ordinated as last time.

  • I finally worked out which boy is which. Dan is the tall, dark-haired man who plays guitar and keyboards. Will is the blond cutie who plays guitar. Joel is the floppy indie-haired drummer.

  • Fan-girlies gushed forward to the stage when the gig ended to talk to Joel.

  • Lady Dragonette revealed that she cut the boys' hair. ACE.

  • While the boys set up the stage and instruments, Lady Dragonette was backstage doing her hair. We later asked her how she did it, and she gave us a hair demonstration.

  • Their manager's mother was there. She looked like a very nice lady.

  • Dragonette have coined a geographical phrase. Shepherd's Bush will henceforth be known as She-Bu (pronounced Sheh-bu).

  • I Get Around was the highlight of the gig - it should be an instant hit. They didn't play my favourite song: True Believer. So here it is for download, and your enjoyment.

Dragonette - True Believer mp3 [file removed] // Dragonette website // Dragonette myspace


Fiona said...

"A hair demonstration!" They really were ace, I'm tempted to go see them again on Friday.