Thursday, April 19, 2007

I totally haven't forgotten this blog, I'm just hyper busy changing jobs and finishing a PhD. I'll be back super soon. I took time out yesterday to see the amazing Bodies Without Organs at Popjustice Live. It was blog-tastic: I spotted / met: Jessica, Trixie, gaypop, this dude and Mr Lowculture. Wows.

  • Alexander Bard swished his arms to shoo the crowd as they entered. Martin left a gaggle of gays trailing in his wake.

  • I tried to be very post-modern and take a picture of the band being photographed by digital cameras and camera phones. I failed. It would have been so appropriate with their netocracy lyrics.

  • Not pictured above is Marina. She was busy plinking her keyboard with one hand, continuously adjusting her hair with the other, and doing breathy spoken word bits. Amazing.

  • They played Chariots of Fire, Sunshine in the Rain, Sixteen Tons of Hardware and, er, other ace songs. The highlight was Temple of Love, the Eurovision stomper that never was. If only Carola had not said her prayers.

  • Martin is a thumping performer, full of energy and bounciness. He looks, in other words, like he's a right go-er in the sack.

  • Martin dropped the mike at one point. Literally, dropped it. He also played the mike-stand in a way Lena Philipsson would be proud of and, as you can see, almost gave it head. Lena would never do that!

  • Martin had soaked himself in water by the end of the gig. The audience were suitably excited.


orange anubis said...

You should have come and said hello! Jessica tried to point you out but when I looked there were about six thousand people standing in that spot and I don't remember seeing a picture of you on here. :(

They were fantastic, weren't they? I heard some fools on the bus home taking the piss out of them and deciding that Marina was a trannie. I just about restrained myself.

Adrian said...

I'm an elusive figure, you see! Click on my Alla Flickor and you'll find me.

They were all kinds of ace. I'm loving how there's so much Swedish pop in the UK these days.

Goggle said...

Lucky you! I hope I get to see BWO in my lifetime but it seems unlikely that they'll come over here.

Robpop said...

I got soaked by Martin's liquids at that gig. I've never been the same.