The Stage Is Set

Sunday, April 29, 2007

There's something fishy going on in Helsinki with the Eurovision stage. There's a catwalk, but no performers will be using it. Apologies to the 42 people that signed the "They Must Strut!" petition. I might get around to presenting it to YLE this week.

Helsinki Stage

But, even more fishy is the stage design, inspired by the mouth of a pike. The jawbone of the pike was used in ancient times to make a musical instrument, the kantele. This inspired the designers, and the stage is wonderful. It's sleek, has natural curves and shapes and, overall, looks very reserved, classy and Finnish. I like it a lot.

Lady in the windmachine

And, even, better, as this picture from eurovisiondiary shows, it's got a windmachine! I'm hoping Hanna Pakarinen, Olivia Lewis and Alenka Gotar are all planing windmachine moments, not to mention the divine DQ!

(By the way, I've started previewing this year's songs on Londonist: go here to read.)


orange anubis said...

When in doubt, look to the mouth of a fish for inspiration - that's brilliantly leftfield and it works perfectly.