Sunday, June 17, 2007


This man is Gipsy.CZ.

He took part in the Czech Republic's Eurovision pre-selection this year, and came second. He also played a gig in London yesterday as part of the Central & Eastern Europe Pulse music festival. I went to see him. He was very good.

  • He plays a racuous mixture of gypsy folk music and hip-hop. It mixes accordions, fiddles, cellos and phat vocals.
  • Despite having a powerful, masculine rap voice, Mr GipsyCZ has a sweet, cute speaking voice. He said, "hell-low, I am from Prack".
  • His best song is Romano Hip Hop. Listen to a little bit of it here.
  • He bounces around stage a lot, striking poses. Why did the Czech Republic not send him to Eurovision?!
  • His little white shirt was nicely fitted, not like these ill-fitting American rap t-shirts.
  • If you're going to Glastonbury, go see Mr Gipsy.CZ. He'll be there too. More info: on Gipsy.Cz's website and Myspace.
  • The gig had fantastic energy and the crowd were loving it, dancing and 'hands-in-the-air'-ing.
  • Interesting geography fact! The gig really showed the demographics of recent migration from Eastern Europe: lots of funky cool young people. Also: lots of really beautifully cheekboned buff handsome men. Hurrah for them.