Raymond och Maria

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I went to see wistful Swedish poppets Raymond & Maria last night. They're playing a whistlestop tour of gigs in London and Glasgow this week, and I highly recommend.

Reasons why Raymond & Maria are great:

  • There are 5 people in Raymond & Maria, only one of whom is called Maria. Raymond & Maria was the name of a notorious swinging club in Stockholm in the '60s. Amazing.
  • Raymond & Maria play floaty, wistful pop music that sounds very happy and jaunty but in fact is rather depressing.
  • Many of their songs have hand-claps and 'la la la' bits. One song in particular was hand-claps-a-go-go.
  • Tambourines!
  • Raymond & Maria are very polite and unassuming. They said 'please' and 'thank you' and 'takk!' a lot.
  • One song includes the line 'Will someone tell me why the boring ones are loudest in the bar?'
  • One song abbreviates 'television' to 'televish'.
  • Raymond & Maria have been Number 1 in Sweden with Ingen vill veta var du köpt din tröja. The English version of this is called No One Notices Your Brand New T-shirt, but in Swedish it means "No one wants to know where you bought your sweater".

The English version can be heard on Raymond och Maria's myspace, and download the Swedish version here:

Download Raymond och Maria: Ingen vill veta var du köpt din tröja mp3


Pål said...

De er aldeles nydelige og fantastiske! Foretrekker selvfølgelige deres svenske tekster. May all the world come to enjoy the quirky world of Raymond & Maria!