Kylie Minogue X2008 tour

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kylie's X2008 tour was on 4Music last night. I loved it - my favourite bits were:

  • Opening song Speakerphone was ace, despite only a little dancing. I imagine this song is about listening to music on a bus, so she could have had a Routemaster on stage too.
  • Kylie saying to the audience, "you're all looking so wow!"
  • Kylie perched atop a sparkling metal skull, for Like A Drug, looking ferocious.
  • Playing the ace Fischerspooner remix of Come into my World
  • The symphonic reinvention of I Believe in You (but what were those shoes about?)
  • Kylie's diva-like face pout to the synthy beats in Your Disco Needs You
  • Frogmarch dancing during Your Disco Needs You
  • Step Back In Time was totally retro - 40s/50s girlgroup singing to begin, 70s disco dancing, 80s fluoro-styling. Brilliant. (See below)
  • In My Arms was the definite shot of technicolour disco the show needed.
  • Kylie sans dancers for the final 4 songs proved that she is very much the attraction. She radiated!

One thing did niggle me, however. Why were the male dancers' heads covered for practically every song? They wore robot heads, football helmets, gas masks, Japanese helmets, Keith Haring-style head stockings and 80s retro BMX helmets.

But that's just a small thing - overall, it was a top show. Here's the retrotastic Step Back In Time