Colours of Greece

Monday, September 22, 2008

Greece is glorious - sun, sea, sand, and almost everything is blue and white. The Greek flag has been blue and white for centuries, in a number of different designs. It's generally thought this refers to the Aegean sea surrounding Greece.

The Greeks certainly adopt the colours with a patriotic verve when designing their houses, boats, furniture, motorbikes and lots more.

Traditional greek island architecture

Mykonos windmill

Mykonos doorway

Columns on Delos



Wall mural

Old building

Blue & white boat


Table & tablecloth




But then, occasionally, you come across a house not painted blue and white, but green, or red, or purple. Are these Greek houses? Or maybe Italians, Turks, or Albanians live in them? And what do the Greek neighbours say?

A green door


Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos Adrian, I was looking at all these on Flickr last night, the colours are incredible!

Am also quite jealous that you're in Greece and I'm stuck here in London!

Adrian said...

Oh, I'm not in Greece anymore. I'm back in London. It's grey! Hurrah.

Poster Girl said...

Oh wow--my desire to go to Greece has just skyrocketed. Gorgeous. I agree with the first comment--the colors are amazing.