Photographs of Jones Beach, New York State

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I am going on a beach holiday to Greece tomorrow, so to get in the holiday mood, I went to see Joseph Szabo's photographs of New York State's Jones Beach (at the Michael Hoppen Gallery, until Sept 18).

The photographs are alive with a mass of bodies, with dancing girls, preening guys, sexuality, fun, enjoyment, nudity. The sun beats down, the sea cools - everyone is alive and glowing. Just the kind of thing you want to see before going to the beach!

By wonderful contrast, upstairs at the gallery, shimmering, dazzling, fabulous frozen landscapes of Greenland by Tiina Itkonen are on display. Not quite as appropriate for my holiday, but stunningly beautiful.


Boz said...

If you like those beach pictures, check out Wee Gee.