Sounds Like Teen Spirit - Junior Eurovision film

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I went to a screening of Sounds like Teen Spirit tonight, the documentary about Junior Eurovision. And it's about so much more than Eurovision: it's about being a kid, becoming a teenager, learning about life and love and losing.

We meet 4 of the contestants in the 2007 Junior Eurovision - Giorgios from Cyprus, Marina from Bulgaria, Mariam from Georgia and band Trust from Belgium - and follow their preparations to go to Rotterdam and their time at the Contest.

These kids are a world away from what you expect - not precocious stage school brats, they're warm, funny, innocent, disarming, chatty, shy, lovely kids.

10 year old Yiorgios from Cyprus is a chatty, funny guy who gets teased at school, but loves to sing and dance and be in the moment.

Marina, from Bulgaria, lives in a good home, but misses her father who is divorcing her mother. At one point, she wonders whether it's better to have no feelings, as then you never feel pain.

Mariam, from Georgia, is delighted to represent her country and have its flag among Europe's others, even if her family's TV only works long enough to see her perform.

And Trust, from Belgium - three guys and 1 girl - are teenagers learning about love and being endearingly awkward adoloscents.

I loved this film - it was warm, funny, sad and absolutely delightful. Director Jamie J Johnstone does a wonderful job, bringing the kids' personalities out with a warmth and honesty which shines through. He approaches the show without any cynicism which gives the film real heart and affection.

Go see this - it is life-affirming and heart-warming. It will leave you smiling, and thinking, for hours, and whether you like Eurovision or not, you'll come with a sense of joy in performing, music and youth.


Poster Girl said...

I would love to see this--thanks for bringing it to our attention. I hope it's released on DVD or some other way is provided to see it for those of us not near a screening.

jamiejay000 said...

Hi Poster girl...

thanks for your comment... it'll be out on DVD later this autumn... from may 8th it will be in various cinemas across the UK

if you go onto

this should tell you where + when closer to the time or even better follow the link + join the facebook group + then you'll be mailed about all special events

thanks + thanks for a great review

Absoloaferly said...

There's also photo's of the Secret Cinema showing of the film here...with pictures of the director ")

Absoloaferly said...'s the link...