Map drawings of Ukraine by Yuliya, Switzerland by Lorena & Hungary by Felician and Lisa

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One of my favourite things about Eurovision parties is the potential to meet others from different countries, especially if that country has an ace song. When Greece won in 2005, I celebrated with a Greek guy at my party and ended up talking to his elderly father (on the phone from Greece) about how brilliant Elena Paparizou had been.

This year, at Eurovision parties, I met people from Ukraine, Hungary and Switzerland, and asked them to draw maps of their countries for my EuroRevision project.

Yuliya, from Ukraine, drew her country. She was bemused by my request.

Ukraine, by Yuliya

Lorenza, from Switzerland, was in high Eurovision spirits wearing fabulous gloves. She drew this map.

Switzerland, by Lorenza

Finally, Felecian & Lisa drew this map of Hungary. Both had been in the UK for three years, initially moving here to find work.

Hungary, by Felecian & Lisa


Anonymous said...

I've been to Lugano... it's like a Swiss/Italian hybrid town.

Adrian said...

And the venue for the first ever Eurovision - highly appropriate, non?