Aerial photography

Monday, March 01, 2010

Whenever I fly, I always try to get a  window seat. I love seeing the earth from above, a whole different perspective on the world. I hope for clear skies, so I can take photographs, even with my modest camera.

I've taken more than 250 pictures over the past few years, and I'll be uploading the best of them to flickr for the next few weeks. There are about 150, so I'll just do one a day!

First up is an amazing shot of mountains in Russia, taken during a Tokyo to Paris flight 3 years ago.  I love the sense of wide open space in this.

Keep an eye on my From Above flickr group for upcoming photos

Russian Mountains, from above


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I've always loved staring out of the window and seeing the world from above, but it's only in the last six months that I've started taking pictures saving til the end of my trip til I start uploading my favourites

Adrian said...

Thanks Geoff. Looking forward to seeing your pics.