Vania Fernandes at Cafe Madeira, Vauxhall

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I went tonight to see 2008 Portuguese Eurovision singer Vânia Fernandes singing at a cafe in Vauxhall.

Vânia Fernandes, singing in Madeira Café Vauxhall

Cafe Madeira is one of Lambeth's many Portuguese restaurants and cafes - some of which I've visited before - with Vania performing to help raise funds for her native Madeira following recent flooding.

A baby christening party was in full swing at the cafe, so spirits were high when Vania took to the mike.

She performed several fado songs in a typical fado style, looking very fetching all in black, and entertained the crowd who were singing, dancing and clapping along.

I'm happy to report that Vania also took the time to coo at the baby who was being christened.

Sadly, she didn't perform her Eurovision song, Senhora do Mar - despite a middle-aged lady shouting at her to do so.

Vânia Fernandes, singing in Madeira Café Vauxhall

Vania happily posed for photographs after her performance, and minutes later left the building, while we were being entertained by Alexys and his accordion and his fun dancing songs.

Click here to donate to flood relief in Madeira


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Hedgie said...

Great pics of Vania here and a very worthy cause :-)

I must investigate these Potuguese cafes in Lambeth . . . I'm addicted to the custard tarts!