Guess the Eurovision vote competition!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The annual festival of Eurovision is nearly upon us - with the first semi-final tonight, the second semi-final on Thursday and le grand finale on Saturday.

So, to celebrate, dear reader, you have a chance to win a wonderful pair of Sennheiser Wireless Headphones.

All you have to do in this competition is pick a number: the number of points you think the winning song will receive. 

Feel free also, if you like, to predict which country will win, but the competition is just on the numbers. 

The person with the nearest amount wins the lovely prize, which is supplied to me by the nice people at 

For some help on your number crunching, the highest amount a song can get is 38 x 12 = 456 and the winning points from the last few years were: 

2009 - Norway - 387
2008 - Russia - 272
2007 - Serbia - 268
2006 - Finland - 292
2005 - Greece - 230

So come on, come all and have a guess. Leave a comment here or on facebook. Entries close by 7.30 PM (UK time) on Saturday.

Good luck! I'll let you know the winner on Monday next. And, for the record, I really don't know who'll win this year. My heart says Germany, my head says Azerbaijan, my bets say Romania and I have a sneaky suspicion Sweden will do well too.

But who knows? The mystery and suspense is what makes this year's show from Oslo so exciting.


Hedgie said...

Ooh exciting! Good competition!

Dunno who's going to win - so many variables this year. My faves are Sweden and France, but also Albania and Iceland. I think Norway could do well. Unfortunately, the only dead cert is that the UK will do badly!

My guess is 254.

I will go for 268 if I may.

I would love it for Albania or Serbia to get this number of points, but realistically speaking I suppose it'll go to one of the front-runners.

If Europe takes to Azerbaijan in a big way, I can imagine the winning total being higher than the 268.

Talia said...


ric01_ric said...

I'm going to plump for 220, hoping that the sheer unpredictability will mean votes are scattered across the board!

As for the winner. I'm thinking either Azerbaijan or Belgium or perhaps Iceland, though I fear Hera may be lost in the draw...

Adrian said...

And so Germany are the winners! And Hedgie is the winner too, guessing within 8 points of the 246 points that brought Germany the victory.


I'll be in touch to get your address.

Hedgie said...

WOOt! I WIN!!!! Yay yay yay. The headphones arrived this morning - fantastic. THanks very much.